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Jordan Calhoun is a writer and education professional in New York City. He holds a B.A. in Sociology and Criminal Justice, B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Japanese, and an M.P.A. in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy. His writing has been published in The Atlantic, Huffington Post, Vulture, Electric Literature, and more, but he is most often found as a writer and editor at Black Nerd Problems. Find him on Twitter @JordanMCalhoun

Jordan Calhoun (bottom left) with writers from Black Nerd Problems. From top-left, Izetta Nicole, Nicole Homer, Omar Holmon, Keith Reid-Cleveland, Britteney Kapri. From bottom-left, Jordan Calhoun, Lauren Bullock, William Evans. Black Nerd Problems covers pop culture through a diversity-focused lens, covering movies, television, comic books, anime, and literature. 

Selected writing

21 Years Ago, A Goofy Movie Became the Blackest, Most Underrated Nerd Classic of All Time - Published on Black Nerd Problems and later The Huffington Post, this essay follows Jordan's personal connection with a Disney film whose character had been widely coded as Black, in context of scarce minority representation in mainstream media for children in the 1990s.

Finding Belonging as a Nomad In a World of Hometown-Loving Black Folk - Because Black culture places so much importance on "where you from", is one not "real" if they can't pinpoint one place? This author's nomadic upbringing leaves him questioning his authenticity when dealing with self-identities based in hometown affiliation. 

Gargoyles Was the Most Important Cartoon of My Pre-Intellectual Black Childhood - A follow up to Jordan's connection with 'A Goofy Movie,' this essay shares the influence and cultural significance of Disney's 'Gargoyles' and Black-coded characters that, for the first time in his life, challenged him with intellectual curiosity, complex characters, and mature themes.

Profiles in Black Cartooning: Aaron McGruder - Published on Black Nerd Problems and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, this essay discusses the career, influence, and brilliance of cartoonist Aaron McGruder, best known for the popular comic strip turned cartoon, The Boondocks. 

Did You Know?

Jordan served in the Peace Corps and has traveled over 40 countries across 5 continents. Aside from writing, he is also student of Krav Maga -- a street-fight focused martial art founded by Hungarian-Israeli martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld. Now settled in New York, he is a recreational runner whose finish lines include the New York City Marathon, Paris Half Marathon, and over a dozen others.
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Current projects

"If there is a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet,
then you must write it."
-Toni Morrison 
  • Johnnylex

  • dinosaurs in the hood

  • Piccolo Is Black:
     Nostalgia and Juvenilia of a Non-White Millennial Nerd

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